11 December 2014

06 August 2014

Rev it up with chevvvron

Was happy and relieved to see a floor pattern I had mused up a few months ago for a client installed at a neocon showroom.  Phewww. It looks awesome here and I know my clients will love it! And now they will see it's not just my crazy idea. It's very chic indeed.  What do you think? 
#designitsgoodforyou on instagram has much more for your viewing pleasure!  

24 July 2014

Revolutionary Conference Room Technology

...starts with revolutionary furniture. That pinhole is no mistake.  It is the new and innovative way to eliminate unsightly office equipment on your conference table. Email me if you want to know more about how to incorporate cutting edge technology into your office space!

10 July 2014

30 March 2014

Devine Paint

I met Gretchen at Neocon 2013 and she told me all about her paint. I saw the product in action and I instantly became a fan!  It's not just any paint.  It is designed to "enhance light." What's so devine is that even more saturated, deeper, richer hues STILL capture and reflect direct and ambient light. It's subtle and chic - do not expect sparkles on the wall. All seven of my dedicated readers will know that I'm all for anything that will get people to use color and dispel the incorrect notion that dark colors make spaces look smaller.  So....  go buy some at Target! Like right now!