Social Media 101 with Moi.

I'm back to school. Are you? 

Tired of lugging the old backpack around yet? Too much homework? Well for me it's all apples, and compliments. Because I am the teacher now!

 Since I am teaching a Social Media for Small Businesses I figured I should probably teach by example and blog about it. So you're guessing right - it's happening right now. Right now I am doing exactly what I was doing way back when I started blogging. I'm blogging as a means to creatively keep track of the interesting, helpful, inspiring, and educational things I find along my way. My design blog will remain as such, but will now include some notes from class with Ms. Maggio.

Things I've learned so far...
1. "Intro to Social Media for Small Businesses" may be a bit too long for a class title. Consider your students on the first day of class, or even the teacher. "Excuse me sir, I'm taking Intro to Social Media for Small Businesses and would like to know where my classroom is?"  Or me "Excuse me sir, I'm taking Intro to Social Media for Small Businesses and was wondering why my classroom is not a computer lab? Yes, we do need computers for my class - Intro to Social Media for Small Businesses" (By the way, all of the staff at MHS is fantastic and this is not a negative crit on them).

2. If you are going for a long title make sure the acronym works out to sound cool. ITSMFSB <- br="" easy="" have="" homework.="" i="" not="" now="" remember.="" so="" to="">

3. My students are really great! They ask great questions and I can tell we are all going to learn a lot from each other.

What we are talking about in class...

SEO - search engine optimization.

What's the deal with Twitter? Is it just about telling people what you are eating for lunch? ..
my students: "who cares?!"
me: "i know right!?"

what we found:
- twitter can be used in a variety of ways to drive people to your website, blog, etc.
- twitter will help you engage and increase your audience

Lt's all about the basics for now but I can't wait to dig deeper into how we can use social media to promote small businesses!!