Introducing - Purple Chicken - awww yeah.

Oh Kids, Now THIS is Good.
I like to make sure my main entree is not lonely when plated. I chose Trader Joe's Butternut Risotto to accompany this tasty treat to the paradise my stomach. YUMMMM

I've been eying the purple po-tah-to chips in my cupboard for the past week or two. What to do, what to do....[back track]  I fell for them hard the moment I saw them at the local premium priced whole foods store in a neighboring Connecticut town -- (ps. i moved)  But like many, a lust-filled encounter,  it wasn't a long affair. After the hot minute, i lost interest... blah blurb who cares here's the nom nom delicious recipe.

You need.

Chicken (free-range or college educated)
egg whites
crushed up purple tater-chipz ** I used chips that were approx 1/16" thick from Fresh Market**
oat flour (::wink Bethenny::)
famous 90s hip hop duo (if you don't know... you're not worthy)
olive oil

 First. Get your olive oil filled frying feeling - hot hot hot -- medium high/ frying temp.

1. Clean the chicken, then dry
2. Dip chicken in egg whites
3. Then dip in ground up purple potato chips and oat flour (both sides)
repeat steps 2 & 3 if you're feeling extra crunchy.

3. Carefully place the delightfully coated chicken into the frying pan (which contains sizzling olive oil).
4. Cook it up both sides, till the pink in the middle is no where to be seen. approx 4-8 mins each side.

NOW... are you ready for the sexy glamour shots???

Put those taters in the food processor or beat them with a hamer, do what you want just make sure they look like this!

Bogus Desiger Tip (that will prompt an eye roll, or five): "Match your mani to your accoutramont"

These wile beasts are bathing in a steamy bath of olive oil.

After a dip in the pool of fried fantasticness, the chickies are crispy. And ready to be eaten!Luck Us! By the way, paren't we ad I have to cook with electric??

What an adorable attempt at "plating." Worry not, the depicted green leafy vegetable was immediately removed before consumption.

Food porn?

Pair with dry white wine. The End.