31 October 2013

27 October 2013

07 October 2013

Week Three: Social media for Small Businesses

I am reading some great articles and cannot wait to share with my students....

The ins and outs of social media can be a lot to digest. I am really digging the simplified advice from William Arruda via Forbes.com

Students get extra points if you are following the blog!

Looking forward to class tomorrow!!

29 September 2013

Field Trip: Dwell Sudio Flagship Store | Soho

field trip to:
dwell studio soho
Love Dwell Studio, Love Christiane Lemieux... what more can I say? 

Since seeing Christiane speak at Robert Allen Showroom in the Boston Design Center, I have always wanted to visit the Dwell Studio flagship store in Soho. I am so glad I finally got the chance. And would especially like to thank my friend Shani for letting me borrow her phone to snap the pics! (my phone died like 5 mins before we walked in) As you will see, the space is curated beautifully.

28 September 2013

Social Media 101 with Moi.

I'm back to school. Are you? 

Tired of lugging the old backpack around yet? Too much homework? Well for me it's all apples, and compliments. Because I am the teacher now!

 Since I am teaching a Social Media for Small Businesses I figured I should probably teach by example and blog about it. So you're guessing right - it's happening right now. Right now I am doing exactly what I was doing way back when I started blogging. I'm blogging as a means to creatively keep track of the interesting, helpful, inspiring, and educational things I find along my way. My design blog will remain as such, but will now include some notes from class with Ms. Maggio.

Things I've learned so far...
1. "Intro to Social Media for Small Businesses" may be a bit too long for a class title. Consider your students on the first day of class, or even the teacher. "Excuse me sir, I'm taking Intro to Social Media for Small Businesses and would like to know where my classroom is?"  Or me "Excuse me sir, I'm taking Intro to Social Media for Small Businesses and was wondering why my classroom is not a computer lab? Yes, we do need computers for my class - Intro to Social Media for Small Businesses" (By the way, all of the staff at MHS is fantastic and this is not a negative crit on them).

2. If you are going for a long title make sure the acronym works out to sound cool. ITSMFSB <- br="" easy="" have="" homework.="" i="" not="" now="" remember.="" so="" to="">

3. My students are really great! They ask great questions and I can tell we are all going to learn a lot from each other.

What we are talking about in class...

SEO - search engine optimization.

What's the deal with Twitter? Is it just about telling people what you are eating for lunch? ..
my students: "who cares?!"
me: "i know right!?"

what we found:
- twitter can be used in a variety of ways to drive people to your website, blog, etc.
- twitter will help you engage and increase your audience

Lt's all about the basics for now but I can't wait to dig deeper into how we can use social media to promote small businesses!!

28 July 2013

Social Media Show and Tell

When my creative juices are a flowing, I find it hard to resist snapping some pics for reference. What do you think about this developing color palette?

01 July 2013

Fab Find: Side Table

I loves me some Target accent furniture and this is a great find. While browsing for new colorful and inspiring accent furniture I found this....
Campaign Side Table

26 May 2013

Pictures - Bondi Penthouse - Architizer

Pictures - Bondi Penthouse - Architizer
Sydney, Australia

Photo Via Architizer.com

This is.....
what dreams are made of
a great use of mirrors
reminding me of a past post -- "mirror mirror on the floor"
literally something I would want to like rub all over my face
(getting weird)
...good design

25 May 2013

Help From Houzz!

I love this....

General contractors, home builders, and more ∨

Filter by metro area and choose the right kitchen designer for your kitchen style.
Collect and share photos of bathroom tile, bathroom vanities, shower curtains and bathroom mirrors to create your perfect home decorating style.

 You can now gain basic build knowledge by checking out helpful, illustrated and down-to -earth articles about basic building principles from Houzz.

It seems to be a great resource for non design /building pros. AND I love how they used Sketchup to illustrate their points.

23 April 2013

Introducing - Purple Chicken - awww yeah.

Oh Kids, Now THIS is Good.
I like to make sure my main entree is not lonely when plated. I chose Trader Joe's Butternut Risotto to accompany this tasty treat to the paradise my stomach. YUMMMM

22 April 2013

Not So Scenic Route

Continue reading if the disorganized wall of papers being displayed for the world to see concerns you.

You would think the occupant of this private office would want to maintain the quantity of natural sunlight.

06 March 2013

Paper.li - the next frontier.

I just go into this paper.li business. Am I a late bloomer? Who knows? But wow, there's a lot of compiled media all in one spot. Not sure how it will go. Chances are I may forget about it.

05 March 2013

Fun Find: Sustainable Furnishings Council

Looking for sustainable furnishings? I am... always. Check out my new go to source for sourcing.
I love the search features and they even offer courses.  Check out Sustainable Furnishings Council for yourself and let me know what you think.

03 January 2013

Nice Kitchen. Houzz Article

01 January 2013

Trendy Trends 2013 - Color, Like We Care

Another notebook to fill #pantone #tangerine #...
Another notebook to fill #pantone #tangerine #tango (Photo credit: Peter Forret)

Last year we celebrated the popularity of Tangerine Tango, which was just as exciting as this year... I still cannot believe I missed the parade! But really, I did not see it appear in to many interior design color schemes. It seems, yellow and gray seem to still be the reigning queens of the prom. Contrary to interior design, in some instances, fashion is more likely to hope on the color trend bandwagon. The use of vibrant orange hues is worth noting.

This year's color is Emerald!

Happy New Year!

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