08 May 2012

Ordinary, Existential, Instagram

point line plane
Color and texture
I take a lot of close up shots of things people could care less about ... My pictures aren't really too interesting on their own.I like to capture color, pattern, and texture because these are things I like. Now that use Instagram, these mundane subjects are invigorated with dramatic lighting and sometimes a vintage feel (just trying to keep up with the cool kids).

lines and texture
This is a shot of the lines created by the glass door that opens out to the porch. I liked the combination of linear patterns overlapping the organic shapes. I should elaborate more on the underlying subject matter which is obviously -Why humans have resided indoors but yearn to capture the beauty of nature..... --- oh boy that was about to get obnoxiously existential -- I'm blaming that tangent to be on Instagram. Wouldn't you?
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04 May 2012

Lynn Lynn the City of Zimm(ans)

I finally got my toukas down to Zimmans in Lynn. The sales associates could not have been nicer. They have a tone of fabric to choose from and what I love about shopping there is that you can see the whole repeat. Here are some highlights...

747 Main Street - Woman Designs Home Using Plane Material

 Gotta love the commentary "My mom's definitely a hippie a heart."

Also Check out this great yahoo article...
The yahoo.com article includes a video that shows you the completed project.
"Francie Rehwald's cutting-edge home a testament to the developing world of repurposed building" (Istook).

03 May 2012

Guilt Free Pancake

This recipe comes from my friend Cheryl, who got it from her friend.

1 egg
1/2 large banana
1/3 cup oatmeal.
*pinch of pumpkin spice
*pinch of coconut sugar (low glycemic)
*my alterations

1. Mix all ingredients with fork.
2. Toss it in a frying pan - cook like a pancake
3. Devour! I mean ENJOY!

Try applesauce -- still pretty good results!