Let's Observe: Lighting and Scale in the Bathroom

Love the lighting in this restaurant. It works wonderfully in the main dining room....

Main Dining
...but check out what happens when the same lighting fixture is used in the restroom.  The shadows on the wall are pretty cool. But this lighting isn't the best choice for this restroom.

Restroom. I think this is how Elmer Fudd tried to catch Buggs Bunny.
Restroom. That toilet looks terrified, good thing it's got grab bars to hold on to.

But then I got to thinking, while going to the bathroom...

That the shadows of the frame created massive angled lines on the wall.  The lines you see on the wall, could be filled (by painting the wall or covering gaps in the frame) to create a new shadow that reads more like a plane. Which got me thinking... this might make the walls appear bent, angled or skewed.  Me thinks this light snafu would be a great design feature for a project that called for warped, angular walls -  for instance a space with a funky off kilter vibe, like a fun house, or a Hot Topic.

A HA!?

If the frame had some sort of shade or covering between the lines you could achieve some great illusions by turning perfectly perpendicular walls what seems to be warped lines and planes!!! HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT!?!

See what I mean?