FUNctional Find: Oversized Kitchen Chalk Board

While visiting one of my amazing clients, I noticed she added what appeared to be a gigantic chalk board to her kitchen wall! I thought- "WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU FIND THAT!?!?"
She made it herself! Snap snap - be jealous, my clients are smarter and craftier than yours!

Why do I love this soo much?
More space to write = more reminders
- scheduling for individuals, and the whole family
- it even sorts the recycling from the refuse (instant approval)
- perfect location: central in the home & located in a frequent traffic area

How'd she make it? Read on...

1. Apply chalk board paint to your wall.
2. Simply frame the painted area with interior trim.
3. Nail the trim the wall and paint it.

*** ADDED 11/04/12
I like this advice from another blogger about chalk board paint!