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For those of us who have to work twice as hard to keep organized, attempting to gather ideas for design projects can be overwhelming. Even if you are naturally organized, venturing to unfamiliar home furnishing stores or design centers can be mind-boggling. Using Pinterest and Tumblr to organize projects has given my career as a freelance interior designer incredible traction.

I recommend using Pinterest and Tumblr for different aspects of the design process. First, I began collecting inspiration for my clients using Pinterest and then realized I didn't want initial stages of process that to be public. DON'T Get me wrong - I love Pinterest almost as much as I love... carbs. But when it came to using it for business it wasn't the best fit.

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My Private Tumblr Archive Page

So then... I discovered Tumblr , and loved that pages can be password protected!  Now whenever I start a project I make a Tumblr page for each client and I start collecting images and info that will help me pull together projects in no time! Furniture Specs, contact info, shipping details, phone numbers, pricing, color swatches all go in one place and are super easy to find when it's time to order!

Tumblr Individual Product Page

In the midst of writing this post I stumbled upon something quite magical  -
You can create mood boards online... Here's what I thought about it

Check out the mood board I entered into a Man Cave competition...
Man Cave Olio Board
Olio Board.
It's not too shabby, but sometimes frustrating. I liked how you have a large library of assorted furnishings to choose from, and that you can upload your own images.  But, I wish I could lock and unlock the images to avoid shifting things around by mistake.  Maybe the locking feature comes with the pro version, in addition to the calculator and color scheme application?

I'm a little lukewarm about it, maybe I should give it some more time and add my own images?  For now, I will be sticking to Tumblr + InDesign. Olio Board IS a solid choice for entertainment and some friendly competition.
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