Trendy Trend Forecast - Vermicelli/ Vermicular

Vermicelli/ Vermicular pattern is a swirling sqwiggling pattern that reminds me of the opening credits of Saved by the Bell, it is also a stylistic touch I am certain is making a comeback. Vermicular patterns are squiggly, almost serpentine shapes a clear shift from the traditional nuances of of damask and the linear geometry of chevron.

Check out...
Wallcovering / Wallpaper | Beekman Stripe in Pearl | Schumacher

Why is this design trend exciting? It's inherently silly and it's magical to see patterns applying it in a serious manner. LOVE!  Schumcher's Beekman stripe is a great example of containing an otherwise busy pattern.  I'm hoping to find Cosby sweater inspired iterations of this up and coming wave of style! Fingers crossed! Stay tuned for pictures!
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