Clever Design - Reference Material Color

Referencing your external environment can be a smart and sophisticated way of personalizing interior spaces.
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Golden Gate Bridge
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Think of it this way -- if you really love the Golden Gate Bridge don't just hang a picture of it on your wall.  Instead, extract colors from the photo and apply it to an accent wall or accent furnishing. You can do this with any picture of any place or thing.

Better yet -- reference the color scheme that is traditionally associated with imagery depicting the golden gate bridge -- BRIGHT orangey red + crisp blue (but then again that's on a bright and sunny day). Perhaps you want to more subdued color scheme? Find a picture of the famous landmark taken on an overcast day. And use that!

Design Nerd Digression in 5...4...3...2...


WHAT'S super exciting to a color nerd like moi???

Blue and Orange are best buds on the color wheel -- they are complimentary colors which makes this particular example even more delightful. All things considered, one might say that not only is the bridge admirable for its awe-inspiring engineering, but it is even more captivating because the bridges visually compliments the surrounding environment -- blue [sky]  and orange [bridge], blue and orange, blue and orange, yeah yeah you know what it is... complimentary colors!

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