Trendy Trend - Zinc

Move over stainless steel there's a new metal in town. Zinc is easy to maintain, has a low-embodied energy and it's easy to recycle.

It's riding the wave of the industrial turned elegant style. Don't worry, you don't have to shlep it to an obscure underground-vintage-abandoned-metal-foundary-thrift-boutique to track down zinc furniture.  Custom craft/furniture design studios, antique shops and even mainstream retail establishments like Restoration Hardware are embracing this divine metal.

I saw this piece at the Brimfield Antiques Show & I wanted to take it home.

Scarlett Scales Antiques

Scarlett Scales Antiques

How riveting. Edgy texture with overall elegant lines

Modern. Sleek. Curvilinear

Ketcham Zinc Top By Scott Stewart

Ketcham Zinc Top By Scott Stewart

Ketcham Zinc Top By Scott Stewart

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Do you have lingering questions about Zinc? I did...

1. On a scale from dumping oil in the ocean to hugging trees how eco-friendly is zinc? Is zinc's embodied energy lower than other metals?
- "zinc requires less 'embodied energy' to produce than both steel and aluminum, which means that the amount of energy needed to manufacturer it and supply it to the point of use is lower than these metals."

- The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has compared the relative energy requirements of the common base metals and found that, with the exception of iron (the basis of steel), zinc uses the lowest energy on both a per unit weight and per unit volume basis.

2. Is it non porous like stainless steel? Do I need to earn a physics degree to know how to clean it?
- it's food safe!

- "Like stainless steel, zinc is safe to use around food. Unlike stainless steel, zinc reacts with acids and alkalis and other non-metals."

3. Will my zinc cocktail table oxidize in front of my guests? Awkward...
-"Amost anything that comes in contact with it will oxidize (tarnish) it to some degree, including moist air. If you prefer to keep the original color, apply Beeswax or Butchers Wax periodically."