20 September 2011

Trendy Trend - Zinc

Move over stainless steel there's a new metal in town. Zinc is easy to maintain, has a low-embodied energy and it's easy to recycle.

It's riding the wave of the industrial turned elegant style. Don't worry, you don't have to shlep it to an obscure underground-vintage-abandoned-metal-foundary-thrift-boutique to track down zinc furniture.  Custom craft/furniture design studios, antique shops and even mainstream retail establishments like Restoration Hardware are embracing this divine metal.

I saw this piece at the Brimfield Antiques Show & I wanted to take it home.

Scarlett Scales Antiques

Scarlett Scales Antiques

How riveting. Edgy texture with overall elegant lines

Modern. Sleek. Curvilinear

Ketcham Zinc Top By Scott Stewart

Ketcham Zinc Top By Scott Stewart

Ketcham Zinc Top By Scott Stewart

(12/29/12) For more reading... Another great post about ZINC

Do you have lingering questions about Zinc? I did...

19 September 2011

Brimfield Antique Show

Brimfield Antique Show! This field trip was long over due in my book. The anticipation for antiques woke me up around 5am. I arrived in Brimfield, MA around 8:30 am and met Sandy, the lovely owner of the home where I parked my car. This seasoned antique-er offered me some great advice about pricing, haggling, and timing. It was a great start to a long day but I took some pics and am cataloging them here...

Gary may have been my favorite vendor because he was very friendly, had the best display, and he told me where I could find a good apple turnover.  His custom furniture pieces are especially noteworthy because they were well-made and the storage pieces were not over-sized or bulky.  
Custom Design by Gary Buendo | Southwick, MA

Custom Design by Gary Buendo | Southwick, MA
I'm keeping Recycling the Past in mind for future projects that require a sort of metal-toed boot aesthetic.
From the website

Custom steel "X" base tables  Recylingthepast.com
The dealer's name is Thor. I could stop there, but I thought I'd also mention these chairs were comfy and reasonably priced - well-below what you would pay in a store.
Brandford House Antiques | Brandon, VT