Back to school: Live like a Shaker

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The Shakers' philosophy about living spaces can be easily adapted to promote healthy, clean, and organized environments. Which is why they have inspired my first tip for back to school.

Believe it or not you, my friend, already have a lot in common with Shakers..
Firstly, like Shakers, college students are known for their dedicated, and fastidious work ethic errrr umm.... And secondly, Shakers are no strangers to communal living.

Shakers avoided unnecessary roommate conflict by being neat. What helped them do this? Wall mounted storage, of course. (It had nothing to do with being committed to a life of spiritual purity)

A dumb screen shot of me (perhaps demonstrating how cold it was that day in Rochester? Yes. Also shows how I stored my stuff in my tiny college bedroom. Design students have a lot of stuff!
Here's the point - get your stuff off the floor and allow your clothes the closet space they deserve. Wall mounted organizers will make cleaning easier too.  There are so many benefits to thinking like a Shaker I can hardly contain my excitement.


  1. Oh, another great scarf storrage solution is an antique apple or farm ladder of some sort. Great for those people with LOTS of scraves! I think you know of whom I speak yes?

  2. Thanks Rebecca! That's a great idea!! I might add some images of that. Thanks for reading my blog :D


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