20 September 2011

Trendy Trend - Zinc

Move over stainless steel there's a new metal in town. Zinc is easy to maintain, has a low-embodied energy and it's easy to recycle.

It's riding the wave of the industrial turned elegant style. Don't worry, you don't have to shlep it to an obscure underground-vintage-abandoned-metal-foundary-thrift-boutique to track down zinc furniture.  Custom craft/furniture design studios, antique shops and even mainstream retail establishments like Restoration Hardware are embracing this divine metal.

I saw this piece at the Brimfield Antiques Show & I wanted to take it home.

Scarlett Scales Antiques

Scarlett Scales Antiques

How riveting. Edgy texture with overall elegant lines

Modern. Sleek. Curvilinear

Ketcham Zinc Top By Scott Stewart

Ketcham Zinc Top By Scott Stewart

Ketcham Zinc Top By Scott Stewart

(12/29/12) For more reading... Another great post about ZINC

Do you have lingering questions about Zinc? I did...

19 September 2011

Brimfield Antique Show

Brimfield Antique Show! This field trip was long over due in my book. The anticipation for antiques woke me up around 5am. I arrived in Brimfield, MA around 8:30 am and met Sandy, the lovely owner of the home where I parked my car. This seasoned antique-er offered me some great advice about pricing, haggling, and timing. It was a great start to a long day but I took some pics and am cataloging them here...

Gary may have been my favorite vendor because he was very friendly, had the best display, and he told me where I could find a good apple turnover.  His custom furniture pieces are especially noteworthy because they were well-made and the storage pieces were not over-sized or bulky.  
Custom Design by Gary Buendo | Southwick, MA

Custom Design by Gary Buendo | Southwick, MA
I'm keeping Recycling the Past in mind for future projects that require a sort of metal-toed boot aesthetic.
From the website

Custom steel "X" base tables  Recylingthepast.com
The dealer's name is Thor. I could stop there, but I thought I'd also mention these chairs were comfy and reasonably priced - well-below what you would pay in a store.
Brandford House Antiques | Brandon, VT

24 August 2011

Back to school: Live like a Shaker

Photograph of bedroom in the Centre Family Dwe...Image via Wikipedia

The Shakers' philosophy about living spaces can be easily adapted to promote healthy, clean, and organized environments. Which is why they have inspired my first tip for back to school.

Believe it or not you, my friend, already have a lot in common with Shakers..
Firstly, like Shakers, college students are known for their dedicated, and fastidious work ethic errrr umm.... And secondly, Shakers are no strangers to communal living.

Shakers avoided unnecessary roommate conflict by being neat. What helped them do this? Wall mounted storage, of course. (It had nothing to do with being committed to a life of spiritual purity)

A dumb screen shot of me (perhaps demonstrating how cold it was that day in Rochester? Yes. Also shows how I stored my stuff in my tiny college bedroom. Design students have a lot of stuff!
Here's the point - get your stuff off the floor and allow your clothes the closet space they deserve. Wall mounted organizers will make cleaning easier too.  There are so many benefits to thinking like a Shaker I can hardly contain my excitement.

19 August 2011

Cocktail Inspired Cupcakes

Happy Friday. Have a Cocktail, Cupcake.

Rasperry Lime Ricky Cupcake

So this was my first cake from scratch.
I used cake flour for the first time to see how much of a difference it makes.  Otherwise I would have used the cupcake recipe from "Naturally Thin" by Bethenny Frankel.

The Vegan Lime Frosting
...is an adaptation of Bethenny's coconut frosting recipe - I added lime juice and lime zest to vegan frosting base which is -- shortening, vegan butter/margeine, and powdered sugar.

Filling - not so vegan, but so delicious.
Homemade whipped cream with fresh raspberries and coconut sugar. (Low glycemic effort)

My cupcake is wearing a delightful damask ensemble by Reynolds (Reynolds® Baked for You®
StayBrite™ Baking Cups)

...Stay tuned for Blueberry Lemon!!!

18 August 2011

Sleeper Ottoman, Durelee

Duralee Showroom Boston Design Center

If you don't want to compromise the comfort of your seating; but you do want additional sleep space, consider this sleeper ottoman from Duralee.

17 August 2011

13 April 2011

Featured Friend - Doug Salati, Illustrator

Incredibly talented!
Lives in New York City!
Delightful in every way...
Not only is Doug Salati a friend of mine, he is a wonderful illustrator with a fantastic style.
His Sketchbook Blog is definitely worth checking out.

Illustrators have a variety of skills that can be utilized for design projects requiring customized features. Like many fine artists, illustrators

|||| 2D Art - drawings, paintings, collage etc can accent a space or transform a boring wall.
|||| Hire a local illustrator to do a quality job, for a fair price. And please forget the wall decals
|||| Illustrators can personalize and customize to your liking.
|||| Commercial uses would indeed translate to creative way-finding, and furnishings.

Find an illustrator!
New York

05 January 2011

Eco-Party Time! Hooray!

This year for Christmas I tried my darndest to re-use and re-purpose any festive wrapping.  Instead of wrapping a clothing box in more new paper products I concealed the brand name with scraps of book binding paper. Clever - I know. I must admit I did use some pretty spiffy stickers with borders but most of it was from my scrap pile.

Anyway, I just found a website that sells (at a very reasonable price) eco-friendly party favors and gift wrap etc.  I hope you like it as much as I do. And just in time for Valentines day!

Architecture for Humanity

Sponsor a Day of Design! 

I came across this website and thought it would be a good idea to pass along the opportunity to donate to this cause by posting it on my blog.  I think it is a great idea because good design should not be a luxury. In many parts of the world people desperately need the problem solving talents of designers and architects. Entire communities depend on it - New Orleans and Haiti are familiar examples of communities in need and if you go to this website you can find out more.  Donate money or your own design talents!